About Me

Let me start by saying I’m so glad you’re here. I could spend a lot of time telling you all about what I do and who I am… single mother of three amazing kids who keep my life endlessly filled with laughter and chaos. Daughter who was unexpectedly pushed into the sandwich generation when my mama was diagnosed and then passed away from aggressive brain, and then again barely a year later with my amazing stepmom as she battles leukemia. (Fortunately my dad is healthy. Still, #cancersucks.)

Halloween 2018, Go go Power Rangers!

I am a migraine warrior, and I’m always working on ways to minimize the impact these more-than-headaches have on my life. I am a solo rabbi of an amazing congregation in West Houston, which is inspiring and exhausting and awesome. (My BFF turns every crazy incident from work… and my personal life… into a possible episode in a future sitcom we are imaginarily writing called Single Female Rabbi. Can’t you just hear the jingle?) I am working on a doctorate in psychology very, very slowly. My superpower is that I love just about everyone. I am equally obsessed with our National Parks and makeup, I love to read, and I believe we can rewrite our own stories. And in case you can’t tell… I love coffee. Really. Love. Coffee

But that’s not WHO I am. All of that is window dressing. Who I am in my soul is… sunshine. Grace. Deep tides and inexplicable depths. I know who I am. Do you?

The reason I created this blog is to help you answer that question and all the other questions and challenges that come up as we journey through life. I don’t have all the answers — I’m on the journey too. But I have a strong hunch that we can figure it out together, reminding ourselves we aren’t alone as we journey on. Let’s face it… this world is crazy and it doesn’t seem to be getting any saner. But a few years ago I got in the habit of what I call having “cups of coffee with the universe,” and I found that writing about those morning reflections changed my life for the better. The people who read my reflections seemed to like what I had to say, and wanted more. They said it helped them remember what was important about their lives. They said they started sharing cups of coffee with the universe too. What an amazing journey we’ve started. Won’t you join us, and see where it goes?

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